Even Matchups – When to Choose a Promising Underdog?

When there is a favorite, also called the puckline underdog and it plays at home, there is always a great advantage to be able to win. And this is truer when the puckline begins to offer large numbers in favor of the party’s favorite.

To set an example say after doing some research, you have hopes that the LA Kings are a blockade to beat the Phoenix Coyotes at the Staples Center, but your favorite gambling house is underestimating the team, this is a great scenario:

Phoenix Coyotes +1.5 -195
LA Kings -1.5 +225

At this time +225 is not the biggest loser of puckline in history, but if you think LA Kings is certainly close to a secure victory this offers good value. Since there is less than 50% chance that the Kings win by two goals and get your bet puckline is the win, but if we only bet on LA we would only need to cover the puckline one out of every three times to show a reliable gain and that is mostly a long term.  It is then where the mathematics come into play and everything is understood:

$100 x 3 bets = $300 Bet

1 winning bet = $325 in total ($25 gain)

few dollars - Even Matchups - When to Choose a Promising Underdog?

This is the best scenario to invest in a puckline underdog, with these tips you will achieve many gains that you can then use to invest even more in your bets and double or triple what you generate and more benefits than expected. It is also more likely to get the best results when behind it all you get to do a more detailed investigation of the possible results.

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