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Hartnell Down’s Ultimate Guide to NHL Betting in 2019

Hockey players - Hartnell Down's Ultimate Guide to NHL Betting in 2019

In today’s world, bets to the NHL organization are the most widespread way to bet on ice hockey and a few people miss the opportunity to do so very often, because it is a sport in which they can make good profits and always win.

It is also possible that ice hockey sport gamblers will get a considerable part of the proceeds based faithfully on the research and advanced tactics we place here for future bets.

money dollar - Hartnell Down's Ultimate Guide to NHL Betting in 2019


Just as in the variety of betting on sports such as football, baseball or NBA, in the NHL there is a type of betting that is really common in this sport, it’s the main source of income of many gamblers and also the most famous.

The moneyline in the NHL focuses on all those bets on the teams, here you will try to see who wins a game each day.


This is also a frequent way of betting on the NHL. And it is that the bets based on the handicap regulation are usually offered when a team of the NHL is the great favorite against any of their opponents on the playing field.

To match the playing territory and the bets that will be made, the bookmakers will usually offer a disadvantage in the number of goals on the winning margin team

hustle - Hartnell Down's Ultimate Guide to NHL Betting in 2019

At first, you have the basic bets that are used in betting on the NHL and are the most necessary and important to explain and understand. Even though we’ve covered a couple of key tips here, it’s advisable to continue researching more strategies to ensure you up your game and boost your bankroll.

We trust that these starter tips will get you ready and, on your way, to becoming a better NHL bettor. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we’d love to help!

2 Match Scenarios to Bet on Pucklines

twenty dollar - 2 Match Scenarios to Bet on Pucklines

It is absolutely true that at this time, hockey bets do not have the usually traditional point system that basketball or football could have, but there is a very similar puckline. This term is defined with an extension of 1.5 goals between the weakest and the favorite.

This creates an interesting dynamic, because the favorite often becomes a loser in the betting. In addition, there will always be dozens of examples to explain this.

When a Favorite Offers a Great Value

When a favorite, also known as the puckline underdog, ends up playing at home, it is always a big bet and can win, and this is more certain likely when the puckline is offering an excellent value for the favorite.

fold hold money - 2 Match Scenarios to Bet on Pucklines

To set an example, based on extensive research, you think the Phoenix Coyotes are a blockade to beat the L.A Kings, but your favorite gambling house is underestimating the result, that is when it must act in favor of the puckline underdog.

When you Want to Maximize Profit

On the topic of betting on favorite team, a good strategy of puckline is to create a bet of moneyline as one of puckline. Here you need to investigate the whole game and have a good feeling about the top team before you use the strategy.

If you have this feeling, being able to win as much a moneyline as a bet of puckline can increase any kind of gains, that is if you follow this strategy to the letter, besides that a moneyline is always successful.

So, these would be the most common types of scenarios in which we could use such strategies. Although there are variants around the entire journey to the victory of the bet, combining the skills of gamblers with deduction can achieve that our odds increase exponentially to make our bets the right ones and to get the maximum benefit from them.

8 Types of Betting You Can Place on A Hockey Match

white players - 8 Types of Betting You Can Place on A Hockey Match

Basketball, Football, Baseball and Hockey are the most watched Sports in America. Hockey is the last in this group. This discipline is full of years of tradition and is capable of a wide option of bets by its own character.

Followers of this sport bets for the handicapping and select who’s going to win the game. Join us as we take a look at the wide variety of bets in this exciting sport in this post.

lMoneyLine Bets on Hockey

These ones are the most common hockey bets because you bet directly on who’s going to win the game. It includes frequently the Winner marked with (-) and the underdog with (+) next to the amount plus what the house takes. It will be like this: Toronto Maple Leafs (-110), what it means that you will win $100 by bets $110.

Over / Under Wagers in NHL Games

The total amount of goals scored between both teams will go over or under that total.

hockey defend - 8 Types of Betting You Can Place on A Hockey Match

NHL Puckline Bets

This bet has a set point of spread of -1.5 based on the strenth of the popular and +1.5 on the weakness of the less popular team.

Point of Spread

Now knowing how the NHL puckline bets work, you can go beyond that. You can bet for the spread point number. If you choose the favorite, they should win by the spread number that you previously indicated next to the moneyline for you to win the bet. For example, Toronto Maple Leafs +2.5 (-110).

Regulation Time Betting

This kind of bets are also known as NHL 3-way betting. You can either put half a puck which is shown as (+0.5) or you can lay a puck which is shown as (-0.5). If you choose lay a puck (-0.5) as your bet your team must win by 1 or more goals at the end of RT. If is tied game or the team against is winning at the end of the third period you would be losing this bet.

start play - 8 Types of Betting You Can Place on A Hockey Match

NHL Parlay Bets

If you like to bet in a few hockey events at the same time this kind of bet is your best option. You can choose from 2 or more hockey teams. You will win this bet only if all teams that you already choose win each of their matches.

Proposition Wagers

For those who like hockey but also like statistics and go beyond an ordinary fan there are Proposition Wagers where you place bets on team and player statistics.

The “Grand Salami” Bet

This bet is only available once per day, before any of the matches start. It allows you to bet on the number of the total scored goals combined of the entire day.

First Period Betting

This bet is based on the first 20 minutes of the game. Then the gamblers make their bets.

As you can see you have many types of bets to pick and choose from. If you’re a Hockey fan, you have many options to lay money down. We wish you all the best of luck in placing your bet on the next big hockey game.

Even Matchups – When to Choose a Promising Underdog?

game hustle - Even Matchups - When to Choose a Promising Underdog?

When there is a favorite, also called the puckline underdog and it plays at home, there is always a great advantage to be able to win. And this is truer when the puckline begins to offer large numbers in favor of the party’s favorite.

To set an example say after doing some research, you have hopes that the LA Kings are a blockade to beat the Phoenix Coyotes at the Staples Center, but your favorite gambling house is underestimating the team, this is a great scenario:

Phoenix Coyotes +1.5 -195
LA Kings -1.5 +225

At this time +225 is not the biggest loser of puckline in history, but if you think LA Kings is certainly close to a secure victory this offers good value. Since there is less than 50% chance that the Kings win by two goals and get your bet puckline is the win, but if we only bet on LA we would only need to cover the puckline one out of every three times to show a reliable gain and that is mostly a long term.  It is then where the mathematics come into play and everything is understood:

$100 x 3 bets = $300 Bet

1 winning bet = $325 in total ($25 gain)

few dollars - Even Matchups - When to Choose a Promising Underdog?

This is the best scenario to invest in a puckline underdog, with these tips you will achieve many gains that you can then use to invest even more in your bets and double or triple what you generate and more benefits than expected. It is also more likely to get the best results when behind it all you get to do a more detailed investigation of the possible results.