Hartnell Down’s Ultimate Guide to NHL Betting in 2019

In today’s world, bets to the NHL organization are the most widespread way to bet on ice hockey and a few people miss the opportunity to do so very often, because it is a sport in which they can make good profits and always win.

It is also possible that ice hockey sport gamblers will get a considerable part of the proceeds based faithfully on the research and advanced tactics we place here for future bets.

money dollar - Hartnell Down's Ultimate Guide to NHL Betting in 2019


Just as in the variety of betting on sports such as football, baseball or NBA, in the NHL there is a type of betting that is really common in this sport, it’s the main source of income of many gamblers and also the most famous.

The moneyline in the NHL focuses on all those bets on the teams, here you will try to see who wins a game each day.


This is also a frequent way of betting on the NHL. And it is that the bets based on the handicap regulation are usually offered when a team of the NHL is the great favorite against any of their opponents on the playing field.

To match the playing territory and the bets that will be made, the bookmakers will usually offer a disadvantage in the number of goals on the winning margin team

hustle - Hartnell Down's Ultimate Guide to NHL Betting in 2019

At first, you have the basic bets that are used in betting on the NHL and are the most necessary and important to explain and understand. Even though we’ve covered a couple of key tips here, it’s advisable to continue researching more strategies to ensure you up your game and boost your bankroll.

We trust that these starter tips will get you ready and, on your way, to becoming a better NHL bettor. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we’d love to help!

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